Machining and industrial manufacturing

The design and manufacture of parts and the construction of tools and special machinery.

We work with different materials: alloy steel, stainless steel, technical plastic, heat-treated steel, surface-treated steel, among others.

In order to provide the best quality at affordable prices, we have an excellent technical service, competent operators, modern CNC machines and other machines that are just right for each product.

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Our areas of specialisation



Our business allows us to look towards the national and international market to serve any part needed anywhere. We have an excellent team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology to produce your custom part.

A company founded in 1979, initially as MEVIR, S.A., by Mr Joan Vives Queraltó dedicated to the construction of special machines, automated devices, transfers, part machining and the production of replacement parts for machines used in various sectors.

1Ongoing research and development with all of our items
We believe that innovation is the basis of good service, so we invest in improving our products and adapting to new developments.
2Distribution network
Offering a good product to our customers is our raison d'être and a distribution network helps us to get closer to our goal.
3We design and manufacture all of our products
Nearly 40 years of service have given us the necessary experience to create tools that work optimally and efficiently.
4Wide range of products for all types of customers
Whatever you are looking for, at Nova Mevir we work to offer you products according to your needs.