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Machining – Industrial Manufacturing –
Post-processing – Verification

A company founded in 1979, initially as MEVIR, S.A., by Mr Joan Vives Queraltó dedicated to the construction of special machines, automated devices, transfers, parts machining and the production of replacement parts for machines used in various sectors. Throughout this history, our technique has evolved to adapt to today’s demanding market.

“Our technical office creates complete machinery and machining products”

We work with different materials: alloy steel, stainless steel, technical plastic, heat-treated steel, surface-treated steel... In order to provide the best quality at affordable prices, we have an excellent technical service, competent operators, next-generation CNC machines and other machines that are just right for each product.


An in-house technical office with CAD/CAM technology

We use the most innovative technology to design our machinery as we use a computer-assisted design and manufacturing system.

Design and manufacturing

Nova Mevir has a complete service to offer you personal attention to build special tools and machinery.

Our own repair, maintenance and after-sales services.

We handle everything you may need once you’ve purchased one of our products so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


NOVA MEVIR S.L. works with the aim of supplying equipment that not only complies with our customers’ demands but also exceeds their expectations. To do so, we have established the following guidelines: - Ensuring legal compliance with all process requirements for the Manufacture of Special Tools and Machinery. - Considering people and their motivation as the essential source of our company’s ongoing improvement; thus, we encourage taking responsibility, personal initiatives, training, learning and teamwork in each area. - Maintaining defined processes, evaluation systems and ongoing improvement in order to guarantee the highest level of compliance with the requirements demanded by our customers, the administration and society at large. Thus, we promote proactive attitudes within the organization and techniques to identify and prevent failures. - Always demonstrating an attitude of collaboration with our suppliers and customers as we work together with them to achieve quality in the equipment supplied considering the best available solutions. Management guarantees that this policy is understood, applied and updated to ensure it is appropriate at all times and observed by all personnel, providing them with the equipment, resources, atmospheres and training necessary to do so.